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Keychains & Gifts

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  1. Bone Skull Beads (Pack Of 6)

    Bone Skull Beads (Pack Of 6)

    Made from genuine cow bone, these mini skull beads / pendants can be an excellent way to make a costume stand out. They can also make for great display pieces on a mantelpiece. Learn More
  2. Bone Skull Keyring/Keychain

    Bone Skull Keyring/Keychain

    Comprised of two small bone skull heads, this keychain is a unique looking and pretty cool way to keep your keys secure. Making an ideal gift or self purchase. Learn More
  3. Buffalo Horn Back Scratcher

    Buffalo Horn Back Scratcher

    This long hand crafted back scratcher is hand made from genuine buffalo horn, featuring a brass band at the throat and measuring approx 16.5 Inch this can be a great gift and allows ample reach. Learn More
  4. Hand Crafted Bone Dice Pair

    Hand Crafted Bone Dice Pair

    These paired playing dice are hand crafted from bone. Their pips are black inlaid. A hand crafted item, the two dice you receive will likely differ in size slightly. Learn More
  5. Sheep Horn Bottle Opener

    Sheep Horn Bottle Opener

    This bottles opener features a genuine sheep horn handle, fully functional this is a great alternative to a standard bottles opener. Measures approx 8 - 10 Inches. Learn More
  6. Two Tone Horn Whistle

    Two Tone Horn Whistle

    This whistle is hand crafted from horn and has two different tones, coming with a small leather cord to secure it the whistle may vary in colour and size slightly due to the hand crafted nature. Learn More

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